Latest Quran Majeed software for Mac. It has following features:


This app displays 99 beautiful names of Allah along with their English meanings.

Allah Names features:

★ Very easy to use tap & scroll supports for browsing names and their meanings
★ It also contains a beautiful nasheed (poem) for 99 names of Allah.
★ Highlighting of names in sync with audio

هذا التطبيق يساعد على حفظ القرآن الكريم مع الميزات التالية:
This app helps memorize Holy Quran with following features:

◉ (إخفاء ووضع تكشف لتحفيظ الدرس الحالي (السبق
◉ Hide and reveal mode for memorizing current lesson (Sabaq)

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Introduction to Muslim heroes that bravely faced and fought for Islam.

A brief history of great muslim personalities. Time-line based index is also included, so a user can easily browse different personalities with respect to time.


Dr. S. W. Fallon's English Urdu Dictionary is a authentic source for Urdu language. This Dictionary features more then 75000 words with Urdu meanings.

This app also provides Urdu search facility. Urdu can be typed by using on-screen Urdu keyboard.

Three search modes: words starting letters, containing letters and Urdu search.


آخر الأخبار باللغة العربية
المهم، أخبار التكنولوجيا ، أخبار الرياضة

Latest news in Arabic
Important news, Technology news, Sports news


3D Hajj is the most wonderful and interactive Hajj guide app that you will find on any mobile device. This app offers the complete 3D model and easy-to-follow step by step instructions of all the places and actions that are required for the completion of both Hajj and Umrah. This ultimate Hajj guide has been created in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah. This app will amaze you.


Comprehensive English to Arabic Phrase book with audio.
Select desired sentence in English and hear/view it in Arabic.
More than 1400 words and phrases organized in 59 categories. Fast search to find the phrase for situation.
Categories like 'At the railway station', 'At the restaurant' make it very easy to use.

Quran Dictionary is a software to look at the meaning of Quran words in English. User can search in English or Arabic. It features all Arabic words of Quran and their meaning in English.


Provides synopsis of Quran for Ramadan tarawih prayer. Simple language and concise summary. It will take only 5-6 minuts to read summary for the each tarawih.

Provides live video of Holy Kaaba along with Tarawih time in Kaaba. Reminder can be set so that it will notify for viewing the live video of Holy Kaaba just before tarawih prayer.