Urdu Books for the Smartphone Generation


A Massive Library of Urdu Books

Meet KITABI: the one app to enjoy urdu ebooks and audiobooks from your favourite authors. Read all the Urdu books you love without any hassle, on the page or out loud and in the palm of your hands.

Dive into a great world of Urdu books with kitabi and select a book today to read. With hundreds of titles from your favourite authors, you can read ebooks on your tablet or android phones on the go. Download your book to read or listen on the go. With multiple book reading options and advanced features, Kitabi makes book reading a fun and seamless experience.

A Unique World of Kitabi

A Unique World of Kitabi
Kitabi is one of its kind Urdu book reading application with unique qualities. It is simple and easy to use and there’s no expert knowledge or learning curve involved. With Kitabi users can:

  • Read urdu books for free from our massive collection
  • Compose books and publish it for Global Distribution

  • Record a book in your own voice
Listen to audiobooks which people recorded

  • Navigate chapters easily with chapter section of the book


Intelligent and engaging Urdu book reading experiences for book readers all over the world



Find your creative self and write or compose a book you always wanted to do and add them to the Kitabi library for the world to read and enjoy without any hassle.


Add bookmarks on the page so that you won’t forget which page you were on the last time.

Read or Listen

Now you can read ebooks or listen to audiobooks from the massive collection of Kitabi for free.


Share books you have written with your friends & family on social media or any platform with ease.