Criminal Identification and Sketching System (CISS) for the Law Enforcement Agencies

Imagine is a comprehensive image making tool which quickly produces photographic lineups, bulletins, such as Wanted and Missing Persons.It reduces manual handlingand time-consuming artist designing. It can be very helpful for the lawenforcement agencies. Developed specially for the local law enforcementagency to control the crime rate. It contains a library of hundreds offeatures taken from the Karachi Central Jail.
Imagine is being extensively used by Citizens Police LiaisonCommittee (CPLC).

A witness gives a description of the suspect to an officer and a search isconducted through the database to draw the sketch of the suspect There are manyhair styles, noses, eyes, mouths, chins,ears, mustaches, beards, etc. This makeit possible to build more than 5 billion different faces using the currentdatabase.


  • Can have more then one different facial libraries.
  • Includes a suspect database software.
  • Add new faces easily so that the database can be expanded effectively.
  • Every feature can be positioned easily with the mouse or with cursorkeys for the selected feature.
  • It can import scanned photograph of a criminal as background to add somefeatures like mustache, beard, glasses, etc. (Require appropriate photoretouch software to refine the photograph.)
  • It includes a comparison window to help witness compare four differentversions of suspect.
  • It can export a pict file or output to hard copy complete withdescription of the suspect.
  • Also included a database module for suspects record keeping.