Criminal Identification and Sketching System (CISS) for the Law Enforcement Agencies

Imagine is a comprehensive
image making tool which quickly produces photographic lineups,
bulletins, such as Wanted and Missing Persons.
It reduces manual handling
and time-consuming artist designing. It can be very helpful for the law
enforcement agencies. Developed specially
for the local law enforcement
agency to control the crime rate. It contains a library of hundreds of
features taken from the Karachi Central Jail.

Imagine is being extensively used by Citizens Police Liaison
Committee (CPLC).

A witness gives a description of the suspect to an officer and a search is
conducted through the database to draw the sketch of the suspect There are many
hair styles, noses, eyes, mouths, chins,ears, mustaches, beards, etc. This make
it possible to build more than 5 billion different faces using the current


  • Can have more then one different facial libraries.
  • Includes a suspect database software.
  • Add new faces easily so that the database can be expanded effectively.
  • Every feature can be positioned easily with the mouse or with cursor
    keys for the selected feature.
  • It can import scanned photograph of a criminal as background to add some
    features like mustache, beard, glasses, etc. (Require appropriate photo
    retouch software to refine the photograph.)
  • It includes a comparison window to help witness compare four different
    versions of suspect.
  • It can export a pict file or output to hard copy complete with
    description of the suspect.
  • Also included a database module for suspects record keeping.

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