Instructions for Importing Quran Audio using iTunes File Sharing

Please make sure that you are viewing this page in your desktop computer and then follow these instructions for importing Audio files in your Quran Majeed / Quran Tafsir or Quran Pak app v1.5.5 or later:
1. Download the desired Audio app using iTunes on your desktop computers. Currently audio files of following reciters are available:
2. Click on the 'Apps' section of your Library and search for the just downloaded audio app. You can use the search box on top-right corner by entering 'Quran Audio' there. This will show you all 'Quran Audio' apps that you have downloaded.
3. Right-click on the audio app icon and select 'Show in Finder' (or 'Show in Windows Explorer') and remember the location of ipa file.
4. Now connect your device and in iTunes window, click on the name of your device under 'Devices' section.
5. Then click on the 'Apps' tabs and scroll to the bottom.
6. Under Apps list, select 'QuranMajeed' or 'Quran Tafsir' in which you want to import audio files.
7. Drag & drop the just download quran audio ipa file (which you found in step 3) to the Documents section adjacent to the Apps list.
8. When the copy is complete, exit & relaunch the 'QuranMajeed' or 'Quran Tafisr' app on your device to start the import process.